Work World Jobs was born as a result of globalization with the aim of connecting candidates around the world with employers in search of foreign workers to fill domestic job vacancies.

Recently, migration for work purposes has increased to unprecedented levels. This may be in part due to the aging population and declining birthrates in developed countries, combined with the economic and political instability of developing countries. Whatever the reason, we match qualified foreign workers to job vacancies from certified employers.

Our vision is to become an indispensable tool for candidates and employers worldwide.



Work World Job goal is to provide a tool for employers in North America and Europe, licensed to hire foreign workers and candidates searching for better job opportunities, and qualified to work abroad, a simple platform to find each other.

It is a great challenge for any employer to find, evaluate and hire ideal candidates, without including the complicated post-hiring immigration process. Similarly difficult is for foreign workers to find licensed employers abroad. At WWJ we offer both the Candidate and the Employer a complete, secure, and easy-to-use solution through our proprietary online platform and personalized assistance.

In a safe and intuitive virtual environment, employers can complete the entire process of evaluation, selection and hiring of a foreign worker and candidates have access to a databank of job vacancies.

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Our Goal

Work World Jobs will connect companies interested in hiring foreign labor with qualified candidates who are interested in working abroad.

Through WWJ, employers will be able to obtain candidates who have already been duly evaluated and pre-screened, and candidates will receive genuine job offers according to their set of skills.

Our goal is to make the contracting process simple, direct and safe for both parties. In addition to recruitment tasks, we offer our clients -both candidates and the employers- legal and immigration assistance.